Future proof

The nature of a service like 12link implies long-term planning. Some will want to create automated events targeting ten years ahead or more. All users want to be sure that their digital inheritances will be accurately delivered and that memory palaces with their notes will always be available.

We are working on many future scenarios for our services. We pay great attention to offline usability. We put a lot of effort into the sustainability and survivability of the whole ecosystem.

Here are some examples of the behind-the-scenes features:

  1. Our cloud shard system does not rely on a single cloud provider. It is highly portable while remaining flexible and scalable;

  2. Once created, blockchain triggers are completely autonomous and do not require any actions from either client-side or server-side software. They will work as long as the blockchain works;

  3. We open-source the digital inheritance retriever software utility. Virtually anyone can receive legacy regardless of the 12link service.

  4. We maintain a distributed backup system. As part of our bonus program, any user can save a part of the service data to earn memory points.

Finally, our extensive feature roadmap contains numerous enhancements, improved accessibility options, expanded functionality, and integrations. Drawing on decades of experience with human memory and dead man's switch systems, 12link is committed to staying here as long as needed through continuous adaptability and innovation.

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