The problem

The root problem sounds like this: a passwordless future is not possible yet. The industry will need the neuro-link and widely available quantum computing to overcome all drawbacks of existing password management solutions.

Passwords have gone through the evolution process. Starting from the "what you know" concept, additional layers of "what you have" and "what you are" appeared. Two Factor Authentication, hardware keys, biometric authentication, and identity services enhance the overall system security. However, all these helpers leave the original problem intact. You will still need to remember something (like with password managers) or securely store something (like with 2FA recovery keys).

In the end, the user is still left face to face with chic wording: generate and remember a strong password, and don't write it down as plaintext. Plus a bunch of dependencies on third-party services.

Virtually no one wants to admit they don't understand what passwords are and how to utilize them properly. That's why so many companies want to get rid of them.

Meanwhile, the password is just a missing link between the user's mind and the security system.

12link is the utility that pushes the password evolution even further to the concept of "what you can compute," so the link is no longer missing.

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