Privacy by Design & Zero Awareness

We build 12link using two fundamental approaches: privacy by design and the service's zero awareness. Not only do we respect user's privacy, but we also do not have the technical possibility to access user's data:

  1. 12link does not store your passwords, seed phrases, or unlocking sequences;

  2. Data attached to digital legacy is always* end-to-end encrypted;

  3. Communication with the dead man's switch shard cloud storage always uses private information retrieval protocols;

  4. Blockchain writes operations happen with disposable private keys.

Plus, we open-source our technologies.

12link supports advanced anti-computer forensics features as well:

  1. Fully anonymous usage** is possible. No data is attached to the user's Apple or Google identifier except for application subscription validity;

  2. Built-in steganography support for application unlock codes. Users can use an infinite number of unlocking sequences;

  3. Built-in steganography data storage engine. It's impossible to determine whether 12link stores any meaningful data on the device.

  4. Users can track, examine, and delete any portion of the data stored on their device or cloud storage.

As a service, we care not only about personal privacy and security, but we also take active measures to protect the whole 12link ecosystem:

  1. The data at rest and data in transit are always encrypted. The data in use can be processed unencrypted only within hardware-backed security enclaves;

  2. All data sets inside our cloud facilities, and blockchains are stored in an anonymized manner. It is not possible to reverse engineer the data owners even with the full copy of all assets;

  3. Stored data is algorithmically split between multiple shards across backed-up storage facilities. It is only possible to recover the correct data sequence using the user's unlock codes, which are only known to the user;

  4. Blockchain triggers are duplicated across multiple chains as a part of the sustainability approach. Trigger records have no direct reversible links to the cloud storage facilities and do not contain particular users' data.

With this data management strategy, we can safely use various backup services and significantly reduce the overall risk of malicious activities targeted upon the 12link infrastructure.

* within some inheritance scenarios temporary service encryption keys may be utilized.

** user can confirm subscription via NFT purchase to avoid Apple or Google identification usage.

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