12link is a synergic educational and utility application that helps users to deal with the described problems with sustainable techniques. However, it is not another password or wallet manager and cannot be considered as a replacement for such applications.

12link interacts with one of the most secure available storages so far known – the user's mind, specifically it's long term-memory.

This application will teach you how to:

  1. Persistently remember strong passwords and seed phrases using the memory palace method;

  2. Securely create automated digital wills;

  3. Continue self-education on data security practices;

  4. Fine-tune the application for your personal needs.

After a short training course, you will be able to use all sections of the application easily:

  1. You will use multiple virtual memory palaces designed precisely for master passwords and seed phrases. They help you visualize the method of loci approach and interactively manage your personalized memo hints;

  2. You will create automated events with the help of our dead man's switch system. These events fire after a given time period if you do not refresh them. They carry various data to a specific person serving as digital wills;

  3. You can also master gamified learning center to continue a self-educational program on security issues and lifehacks;

  4. Finally, using the settings section, you can fine-tune the balance between security and ease of use within the application. Set up emergency behavior, track all your data, and delete your account.

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